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Tip: Eat

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pro PR Tips will return on Monday, December 1.

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Tip #82: Nag

90% of the phonecalls I get are people asking if I got the press release they emailed. Yes, I got it. Did I read it? Maybe. Do I care? You’d know already.

Oh, wait. Here’s something new and even more annoying: A phonecall from a PR person telling me she will be emailing me a press release later. Argh! Just send it!

(Bonus tip: Actually, following up on an email pitch is ok. But do it on email, ok?)


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Tip #81: Unadorned

Are you pitching to me? Then take off your sunglasses and take that damned Bluetooth headset out of your ear.


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Tip #80: Brevity

If your demo tells the story in 10 minutes, don’t drag it out to 30. If your new feature can be described in a one-paragraph e-mail, don’t send two pages of fluff.

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Tip #79: Be seen

A pretty girl alone at a bar shines like a beacon. But at a beauty contest she blends in to the scenery. So tell me again why you plan to launch at Demo?


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Tip #78: It’s it

Punctuation: Know it. Spelling, too. It’s is not its. You’re is not your. If you can’t master basic English, we wonder what else you’re getting wrong.


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Tip #77: Time warp

When telling me when your product launches, be extremely specific and include the timezone. Note that “tomorrow” is just a big pile of vague.

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