Tip #78: It’s it

Punctuation: Know it. Spelling, too. It’s is not its. You’re is not your. If you can’t master basic English, we wonder what else you’re getting wrong.


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11 responses to “Tip #78: It’s it

  1. I agree….it needs to be a larger focus in our school systems

  2. JJC

    I’m with you on this one.

  3. MK

    your right. (kidding..)

  4. Its killing me how bad they’re spelling has got – it makes me loose my mind :)

  5. Sue Radd

    I see this error on alot of blogs. (*cough* two words!*cough*)

    It’s hard to pay attention to content when I’m staring at a turd in a punchbowl.

  6. Bobby

    Agreed, but I do think that writers take this more seriously than it’s worth. I know tons of amazing coders and who can’t spell worth a darn.

  7. @Bobby: Ok, but coders aren’t in the business of dealing with a bunch of frustrated and bitter former English majors.

  8. K Lee


    And to the woman (who will remain nameless) who keeps pitching her “humor” blog on my website–I’m not endorsing it until the spelling stops sucking. Bad spelling does to humor blogs what “ers” and “ums” do to stand up.

  9. There are publicists out there that agree with you! I am one of them. You know, some publicists are frustrated writers too.

  10. BB

    I completely agree with you on this, however please note that even smart people make mistakes. See below! :)

    Tip #67: Elevator Music
    If were are doing a conference call, either get there before me or allow me a way to turn off the damned Muzak-on-hold while I wait for you to show.

  11. Aieee! You got me. Fixed #67. Thanks.

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