Tip #79: Be seen

A pretty girl alone at a bar shines like a beacon. But at a beauty contest she blends in to the scenery. So tell me again why you plan to launch at Demo?


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4 responses to “Tip #79: Be seen

  1. Because top publications rarely send people to the bar, they go to beauty contests. If reporters go to the bar its for a quickie, at least at Demo you have the opportunity to start a good relationship.

    Also anyone can go to a dive bar, not everyone can get into Bijoux in NYC…. (credibility)

  2. JB

    It’s the same reason people attend press events like Pepcom? I’m not sure I see where you’re coming from on this post?

    Sure, the message of “be different/act different” makes sense, but using a large venue to launch makes sense as more than just media will be there, right? Vendors, potential purchasers, etc.

    I tend to side with MattC on this one.

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  4. MS

    While I hate to engage in your sexist metaphor about women and beauty contests, I will humor you and change up the metaphor a bit.

    Brandon Belt is an impressive rookie to the Giants team. But is he as valuable in the minors? No. Sure, the competition is tougher in the majors, but that’s the point. Better to be with the best of the best. And as a jaded reporter, surely you realize that your editors and publishers will not pay for you to attend a show with a bunch of minor-league products. We can try to stand out by asking you for a one-on-one meeting, but we’re more likely to get it if we can lead with ‘just promoted to the majors and buzz is rookie of the year.’ It’s about credibility, as pointed out by JB and MattC.

    You’re not likely to ask the girl at the dive bar on a date because you’ll wonder what’s wrong with her. But if she’s walking out of a modeling agency or a beauty pageant, you realize by association that she has actually been recognized as a beauty by many others…more appealing.

    And for your own PR value, please try to come up with something more clever and less sexist than the ‘pretty girl in a bar’ analogy in the future. I know you’re smarter than that. I sat in a conference earlier this year where some CEO used this metaphor to talk about selling his company. Right after him, an attractive female CEO got up to keynote and said, “Well, I guess I should have worn my red dress.” We don’t live in an era where girls sit at bars and wait to be chosen or hope to stand out. They present smart ideas at conferences like TechCrunch and Demo.

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