Tip #76: Lip service

Please don’t kiss me. 95% of the time, it’s just awkward.


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11 responses to “Tip #76: Lip service

  1. Caroline McCarthy

    Um, this one demands an explanation…

  2. Yes, indeed. Care to elaborate?

  3. I can promise that won’t happen.

  4. Wonder what (who) the remaining 5% are. Chances are it’s worth the 95% of awkwardness…

  5. Michelle

    I’d say the same for hugging. A firm handshake is all you need, people.

  6. Bobby

    Agreed. I know cultural norms are different in different places, but a handshake should do. I also hate the fist bump

  7. I find rubbing the back of my calf against the other person’s while we hold each others’ shoulders to be an effective greeting.

  8. littlefish

    I think I a journalist thought I was following him to his room once. We were on the elevator, it was late, he pushed his floor, then I pushed mine and he said “Oh you’re staying in this hotel?”…… awkward.

  9. Mickey Blue Eyes

    Okay, fine! I’ll keep my fantasies on my CNET erotic fan fiction blog.

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