Tip #82: Nag

90% of the phonecalls I get are people asking if I got the press release they emailed. Yes, I got it. Did I read it? Maybe. Do I care? You’d know already.

Oh, wait. Here’s something new and even more annoying: A phonecall from a PR person telling me she will be emailing me a press release later. Argh! Just send it!

(Bonus tip: Actually, following up on an email pitch is ok. But do it on email, ok?)


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5 responses to “Tip #82: Nag

  1. Rafe,

    Really enjoy the blog. It is great to pick up so many tips on a very difficult subject (and of course trying to balance getting press, not being annoying jackass, but still being persistent..which is enought to give anyone an ulcer).

    Would love to hear more ideas and PR resources. And I think a 100 or 1000 PR tips book has great sponsorship potential :)

  2. Other PRGuy

    Dude, have you forgotten what PR is? These people are probably calling you or reminding you that they sent you an email because you are not getting back to them. The best way for them to stop “Nagging” you, is to stop doing PR. Jeez.

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