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Tip #100: The only rule

Ryan Block said it best: “Pro PR Tips can always be summed up as: Do your homework and be courteous.”

This is tip #100, the end of the guaranteed daily Pro PR Tips. Thanks all for reading and for the support. From this point on, I will post Pro PR Tips as events that warrant them happen to me or as people send me ideas (, but I just won’t be posting every single day.

And in  case you were wondering: All 100 tips, except those attributed to others, are based on my own personal experience. I didn’t make anything up. I’m not that creative.

Thanks again!



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Tip #99: Voicemail sucks

Really? My voicemail is full? Imagine that.

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Tip #98: Make it snappy, Sweetheart

Emailing a pitch? Put your company or product name in your first paragraph. Better yet, first sentence. Best: first word. I’m not reading to the end of your pitch regardless, so why take chances?


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Tip #97: Going up

For real: You should have a killer 10-floor elevator pitch. But also keep in mind that my office is on the sixth floor.

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Tip #96: No deals

Of course I want an exclusive, but I won’t promise coverage. I don’t make deals. Nobody owns my words but me.

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Tip #95: Says who?

When you put “Expert available” at the start of a pitch, it tells us the person you’re pitching is no expert.

Also, you’re too late.

(Thanks, Caroline.)


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Tip #94: Free advice

Sure, I’ll give you free, off-the-record advice. But if I really knew how to build and market a technology product, you think I’d be doing this?


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Tip #93: Different

Don’t show me what you do that’s the same as your competitors. Show me what’s different.

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Tip #92: Preview

Contact me before your launch. Duh. But not too much before. A week is about right. Two, if you’re Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple.


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Tip #91: Yawn

I would like to nap every day at 2:00 in the afternoon, but I can’t. So I schedule demos then instead. You’ve been warned.


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