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Tip #116: Coward

Don’t like what I wrote about your company? Tell me. Like most journalists, I enjoy a good argument, and our discussion might make for a nice followup story or an expansion in the original post. Twittering that I am a moron is a) news to no one, and b) unlikely to further your cause.


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Tip #110: Anything you say…

… can be used against you. Or for you. Assume that your phone call, email, IM, or Twitter message is on the record. We sure do. Want to be off the record or anonymous? Agree to it beforehand.


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Tip #106: Search first

Before you personally pitch me , take the time to find out if I’ve written about your company before.

Hint #1: Use the “search” box on my site.

Hint #2: “I’m new to this account,” is not an excuse.

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Tip #103: Agency, Shmagency

PR people: I don’t care that much what agency you work for. What I care about is the company you represent. Therefore, this is smart:

A PR person wisely stickers her business card with a company she represents

A PR person wisely stickers her business card with a company she represents


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Tip #96: No deals

Of course I want an exclusive, but I won’t promise coverage. I don’t make deals. Nobody owns my words but me.

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Tip #92: Preview

Contact me before your launch. Duh. But not too much before. A week is about right. Two, if you’re Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple.


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Tip: Eat

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pro PR Tips will return on Monday, December 1.

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Tip #82: Nag

90% of the phonecalls I get are people asking if I got the press release they emailed. Yes, I got it. Did I read it? Maybe. Do I care? You’d know already.

Oh, wait. Here’s something new and even more annoying: A phonecall from a PR person telling me she will be emailing me a press release later. Argh! Just send it!

(Bonus tip: Actually, following up on an email pitch is ok. But do it on email, ok?)


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Tip #81: Unadorned

Are you pitching to me? Then take off your sunglasses and take that damned Bluetooth headset out of your ear.


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Tip #76: Lip service

Please don’t kiss me. 95% of the time, it’s just awkward.


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