Tip #116: Coward

Don’t like what I wrote about your company? Tell me. Like most journalists, I enjoy a good argument, and our discussion might make for a nice followup story or an expansion in the original post. Twittering that I am a moron is a) news to no one, and b) unlikely to further your cause.


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4 responses to “Tip #116: Coward

  1. Erin

    Believe it or not, this used to be SOP in PR…way back before email (or even faxes) when we ysed to know our clients and reporters…ah, I’m old ;)-

  2. That kind of seems like the “frustration foul” that you see in a basketball game when the game is already out of reach. At that point, you’re out of contention, and prone to childish tantrums. But that cheap foul you make with .7 seconds left on the clock can only lead to league fines and tarnish your reputation … wait, maybe this analogy isn’t that great. Anyway, not that uncommon for a PR person to feel frustrated by a journalist’s interpretation of a particular story, or the angles they chose to run with. It does seem a bit childish to choose a public forum to voice the displeasure rather than directly taking it up w/ him or her.

  3. This is simply think before you act. Your PR career will be short if you keep insulting all the journalists. And before you pick up that phone to argue make sure you are right. You can’t complain if its true.

  4. Simple and brilliant and not practiced enough. Basic courtesy should not have to be outlined in a PR tip site, but it does. Why do people always personalize a criticism about a company? Amazing!

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