Tip #95: Says who?

When you put “Expert available” at the start of a pitch, it tells us the person you’re pitching is no expert.

Also, you’re too late.

(Thanks, Caroline.)


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4 responses to “Tip #95: Says who?

  1. JB

    I don’t get this one? Why does that mean the person is not an expert? What to you defines an “expert?” Also, there are probably millions of experts out there that are relatively unknown cause they haven’t published a book or been in the news (essentially, they don’t have a PR person… or a good PR person??). Still, very confused on this one?

  2. @JB
    When the pitch person says “there’s an expert available” what they’re actually saying is “I have no f’n clue how this actually works, I just know enough to show you this bit. Please, oh, please, don’t ask any serious questions because I can’t answer them.”

  3. MK

    I agree with this one – it sounds lame to say you have an “expert.” I recommend being honest and upfront about the spokesperson you’re offering, because newsflash – the person you’re offering it to is going to find out anyway if they take the briefing. This is just one more example of how trying to hype your pitch just makes you sound ridiculous.

  4. JB

    Thanks Chris. I get what you’re saying as far as the pitch person sounding dumb during a call, but I guess my confusion is based on the premise. I’ve responded to “urgent queries” from reporters I work with or lists I subscribe to and recommended experts. I’ve also listed clients as experts on certain lists.

    So I guess I’m wondering what the premise is on this one? It seemed like the person was pitching an expert in the example given, but I’m not sure why and what they hoped to gain from it. I’m the PR guy, a pseudo expert, but if its really technical I get the developer or engineer.

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