Tip #100: The only rule

Ryan Block said it best: “Pro PR Tips can always be summed up as: Do your homework and be courteous.”

This is tip #100, the end of the guaranteed daily Pro PR Tips. Thanks all for reading and for the support. From this point on, I will post Pro PR Tips as events that warrant them happen to me or as people send me ideas (rafe.needleman@gmail.com), but I just won’t be posting every single day.

And in  case you were wondering: All 100 tips, except those attributed to others, are based on my own personal experience. I didn’t make anything up. I’m not that creative.

Thanks again!



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11 responses to “Tip #100: The only rule

  1. Jami

    Thanks for all the daily tips Rafe! I know they’ve made a difference in the way I look at and deal with press, thanks for a much needed kick in the butt…

  2. therealmccrea

    Well done, Rafe. At a time when media and PR are undergoing the biggest change in decades, your tips are helpful road signs.

  3. Rafe, couldn’t that be considered the golden rule of media relations? Do unto others …

    Great tip, sums up all other 99 well. Thanks for all the tips, great reading for anyone in PR.

  4. Berbar

    Happy birthday Rafe.

  5. Brad

    Thanks for the tips Rafe, made for an interesting read.

    Also, fom the shores of Australia I wish you and all your readers a Merry Christmas.

  6. MK

    Thanks for all the tips, Rafe! Really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more updates and advice in future posts.

  7. Rafe – Thanks for your candor! 100 wonderful nuggets for PR people everywhere. Well done. Hope to see you soon.


  8. Hi Rafe – I just have to say I am really enjoying these tips. Every PR person should have to review this before starting their job! Thanks for the great info!

  9. Rafe,
    Just forwarded your URL to some PR friends, and thought I’d drop a quick note of appreciation. Has been fun following these tips, and how appropriate to post #100 on Christmas Eve — quite the stocking stuffer!
    – Matt

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