Tip #69: Pitch and tell

Don’t tell your clients we have a “relationship” if all you’ve done is pitched me a lot.


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7 responses to “Tip #69: Pitch and tell

  1. Mark A. Kellner

    Preach, Rafe, preach!

  2. Aly

    damn. I just told a prospect how you like your martinis.

    If you don’t like martinis, we likely will never have a relationship. peace out.

  3. Corinne

    It’s gin martinis, right, Aly? But with Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, or perhaps Beefeater?

    Just too much to keep track of…

  4. seisenstadt

    Rafe, I have no comment. Just wanted to comment, so I can tell clients we have a relationship. :-)

  5. MK

    True. I think this is one of the areas where PR people can really improve. Being honest and upfront about your work with a reporter seems like a better idea than saying you have a relationship — that just seems like a scapegoat for someone who can’t remember their last interaction with a reporter, anyway. The only time you could really claim a relationship is if its someone you have met in person who you are in contact with on a regular basis. Everything else is just BS. Not good for you, your client, or any future relationship you could establish with the reporter.

  6. Aly and Corinne: Yep, It’s gin martinis for me. But I’ve outgrown my Sapphire fetish.

  7. Rafe, in order for someone to have the privilege of pitching you over a martini, they need to understand that a “martini” is always, always, always made with gin. If it’s not made with gin, it is a “vodka martini”. We purists must stick together…

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