Tip #68: Show me no money

I really could not care less if you advertise in my publication. Or if, after I write up your company, you stop advertising.


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7 responses to “Tip #68: Show me no money

  1. AND, on a similar note- Journalism PRO tip: Please don’t admit that you can only write about my client if we advertise in your publication. Pay for play is not sexy, respected, or effective. In fact, it pretty much negates both professions.

  2. Aly

    It sucks when you try to hammer this point home with clients, then they get a call from a rag that says they’ll give them a feature story for “X” months of advertising.

    Forehead, meet desk.

    I wish I could say it was just the small pubs this has happened with but some well-know trades have crossed this line.

    In other words, we hear you Rafe, it’s just as frustrating on our end as well.

  3. I guess it goes to show the spectrum of business models in publishing. Thanks for the perspective from the other side.

  4. Unfortunately it happens – just had a pub this morning tell me that they “give preference” to advertisers and “guarantee editorial coverage to advertisers.”

  5. Corinne

    I worked as a writer & editor for several years and listened to many younger colleagues bitch and complain about advertisers getting preferred treatment – “it’s so unethical and shady!” they would yell. I always figured it was the nature of the beast, especially in niche B2B pubs. Plus it wasn’t that non-advertisers couldn’t get coverage – they just had to ensure their copy was well-written, they were available for interviews, and their PR agency was on their A-game in getting us photos and other info when asked.

  6. Great to see the frustration on both sides represented in these comments!

  7. Rafe, Don’t hold it against us if your ad guy pesters you about covering a client/firm. Speaking for myself, I’m not putting them up to it; not asking, wanting or expecting coverage on editorial side of the house just because we advertise. My marketing/ad guru must have been chatting up your marketing/ad sales guru. That’s what they do.

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