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Tip #153: No dead rodents, please

At least it has a hair net on it already.

If you’re going to send marketing swag, it would be good to send something that doesn’t make the receiver recoil in horror and fling the swag across the room in disgust.

I refer to the mullet wig I recently got from a type foundry. Before I remembered that the company had previously sent me an empty Styrofoam head form to put the wig on, I honestly thought it was a furry creature that had expired in transit.

See also: Tip #54: Protection


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Tip #13 reminder: Don’t let your toddler name your company

As a friendly reminder, I point my readers towards Pro PR Tip #13, Don’t drink and brand. Today’s Bad Company Name award goes to… well, I’ll let you read the email.

Goober Networks, a leading Unified Communications (UC) solution provider, plans to announce the next version of its UC solution on Tuesday, May 11…

Seriously, people. You’re not make making novelty candy products here. Grow up.

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Tip #141: Get a room

Yes, Mr. startup CEO, your girlfriend is hot. But try to keep your hands off her when you’re pitching me at a conference reception.

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Tip #124: Dot Zero

We can agree that there is this thing called the Web. But no two people will agree on what "Web 2.0" means.  "Web 3.0" means less. And "Web 4.0?" Just stop it.

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Tip #116: Coward

Don’t like what I wrote about your company? Tell me. Like most journalists, I enjoy a good argument, and our discussion might make for a nice followup story or an expansion in the original post. Twittering that I am a moron is a) news to no one, and b) unlikely to further your cause.


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Tip #107: I am not stimulated

Ok, it was funny the first time. But a discount on a small business tech product is a “sale,” not a “stimulus package.”


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Tip #88: One time to rule them all

You can make one writer happy by giving him or her an embargo time ahead of the competition, but at the cost of ruining your relationships with everybody else.

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