Tip #19: Jinx

Timacheff’s Law of Reciprocal Naming:

If you name your product “Perfect,” “Fast,” or “Easy,” it will be the opposite.


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4 responses to “Tip #19: Jinx

  1. P. K.


    * FastCompany (an out-of-touch publication)
    * FastCompany.tv
    * ThinkFree (not free)

  2. Three for three:

    Word Perfect wasn’t

    Fast Company was a slow, enjoyable read

    Easy Bake oven was a mess

  3. We have a similar axiom in the b2b magazine business. Naming a magazine “profitable” anything ensures that the magazine won’t be. (see Profitable Embroiderer)

  4. WordPerfect may not have been perfect, but it was (and still is in some respects) a better piece of software than Word.

    You could add “Professional” to the list of jinx words.

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