Tip #63: Black list

Yes, I really do have a list of PR people I won’t talk to. It’s shorter than you probably think, though. Everyone deserves a second chance.


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9 responses to “Tip #63: Black list

  1. You aren’t going to pull a Chris Anderson and publish your blacklist ;-)

  2. I’m curious, what are your criterium for blacklisting people? Some have been blacklisted for spamming inappropriate information.

  3. I’ll take the leap and assume the “C-Net Sucks” PR guy/gal is on that list….

  4. Aly

    Yes, do tell what puts someone on the black list of Rage Needleman.

    The thing that makes me sad about black lists is that so many young, eager PR interns and execs are simply following orders from their stupid higher ups. They send the bad pitch that they didn’t even write. Or worse, they’re taught that spamming is the way to get results. And they’re just learning and trying to make their way. Then they get thrown on a black list or worse, a list that’s widely publicized (Chris Anderson). Shame on their firms for putting them in that spot, right?

    Something tells me though that your black list consists of genuine *sshats. Like you say, everyone deserves a second chance.

  5. Best way to stay off my blacklist is to be honest, to the point and answer whatever questions I ask. Don’t spin me.

  6. Aly, actually some of the names on my list are *agencies*.

    I’m not going to publicize the list. And rest assured, everyone: It is short. People who are on it probably already know. And one stupid e-mail won’t do it. You have to try harder.

  7. I’m finding that most publicists are responsive if you’re straightforward and clear about your concerns.

    I have a list but it’s very short and I actually still post their press releases at a press release site I run if the releases are submitted correctly.

    I’ve done some public exposures of problem behavior but I’ve pretty much stopped doing that for pr people. Everybody already knows who the sp@mmers in our scene are cause they’re sp@mming all of us!

    And it makes the majority of pr folks with whom I deal, who are trying to do a good job and make their way in the world, needlessly uncomfortable.

    Once you start putting people on blast, somebody’s always going to be wondering when you’re coming for them.

  8. I’m amazed that there are still as many PR firms as there are today considering all the changes in journalism.

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