Tip #101: 0 bytes

If you’re going to hand out USB sticks with press materials and beta software on them, make sure they’re not blank.


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7 responses to “Tip #101: 0 bytes

  1. LifeByDegrees

    Based on the Twitter- I was thinking you were going to describe a situation where they were over filled- possibly to the point that something glitches like a key file being missing.

  2. Also, make sure they don’t have a bunch of autorun crap on them like U3.

  3. Worse of all, don’t put anything on the stick without being sure it is virus free.

  4. Andy Oliver

    No porn either – that would be bad

  5. Rafe,

    Great tip! That’s a pretty expensive mistake.

    I might also add to make sure the content is user-friendly, don’t make the media search through crazy file names; Be smart about space, put some shortcuts to your Web site or product page on the Internet; and last, but not least, anymore these days, shelling out for a gig isn’t that much $$, don’t make the USB worthless.

    Thanks for the tip Rafe.

  6. Aly

    sounds like the intern got lazy.

    I’m kidding. but seriously — the poor interns always get stuck the crappy jobs like loading memory sticks.

  7. On second thought, handing out blanks saves the effort of wiping these babies clean before they join the collection of USB-sticks at home :-)

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