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Tip #108: Fake it

When giving a demo, especially over the Web, don’t use example data (like addresses and phone numbers) you don’t want to see captured in screenshots and published on the home page of my site.


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Tip #107: I am not stimulated

Ok, it was funny the first time. But a discount on a small business tech product is a “sale,” not a “stimulus package.”


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Tip #106: Search first

Before you personally pitch me , take the time to find out if I’ve written about your company before.

Hint #1: Use the “search” box on my site.

Hint #2: “I’m new to this account,” is not an excuse.

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Tip #105: One last check

Before you press “send” on your bulk e-mail press release, make sure the site you’re pitching is actually live.

I won't be back.

I won't be back.

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