Tip #81: Unadorned

Are you pitching to me? Then take off your sunglasses and take that damned Bluetooth headset out of your ear.


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5 responses to “Tip #81: Unadorned

  1. Yeah, but it works so well for Ari Gold! That’s it, no more watching Entourage tips on how to succeed!

  2. Aly

    Love the people who leave those things in their ears at all times like they’re secret service.

    And by secret service I mean tools.

    Not that the secret service are a bunch of tools…er…you know what I mean. Don’t be a tool, take the tumor-inducing piece of plastic out of your ear.

  3. JB

    But what if on the other end is some more experienced PR person telling you what to say so you don’t make a fool of yourself infront of the one and only Rafe?? ;-)

    BTW, where were you that someone was wearing sunglasses and pitching you? The beach? A boat?

  4. Bobby

    Maybe you’re not as important as you thought … Jk
    that’s a complete jerk move

  5. I’ll cop to the sunglasses one day early in my career years ago. I was calling on a retailer during a winter day with snow on the ground and a bright blue sky. There was glare everywhere so when I drove to the place, I was wearing prescription sunglasses. It was so bright outside, the retailer had huge windows, and yeah, I left them on. Powerful lesson: check yourself one last time before a face-to-face.

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