Tip #66: Kindergarten

Show, then tell. Oh, show’s over? Gotta go, thanks!


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5 responses to “Tip #66: Kindergarten

  1. Rafe, some of these tips are so curt that it’s difficult to determine what you’re trying to say. Can you go into more a little detail about this one?

  2. Brandon

    Agreed. I second the notion. Please explain…

  3. In a pitch meeting, start with a product demo. Then explain why it’s great.

    On the other hand, once the demo is over, I can make my own decisions, and may lose focus and want to leave.

  4. Corinne

    I’ve heard other editors say this as well…and it’s advice we give at our agency when doing media training.

  5. i’ll definitely put this one in practice!!!

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