Tip #64: As opposed to…?

Any pitch that starts, “In today’s tough economy…” gets ignored.


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9 responses to “Tip #64: As opposed to…?

  1. KP

    Hey, this growing set of strict rules makes me feel like a child in former East Germany .-)

    Nice blog format anyhow …

  2. JJC

    We respect your work and your opinion.

    But I tend to agree with KP about these “tips”. Why not give folks an idea of what works (instead of keeping up the stream of cranky complaints)?

    Just a suggestion…

  3. JJC: Not as funny that way.

    But maybe I’ll try a few positively-spun items and see what the response is.

  4. KP

    “Not as funny that way”

    True, especially in todays tough economy haha

  5. JJC

    je vous aime tous les deux…

  6. JJC and Rafe: My feeling is that why would a journalist congratulate a PR person publicly for just doing their job right? A good PR pitch should be expected, but a bad one screams to be shared.

    If you’re interested, Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications tried to highlight good pitches from PR folks a few years back (http://goodpitch.blogspot.com/). In the end he had a hard time getting journalists to forward him examples.

  7. Let’s hope it was a verbal pitch and not a written one

    I’d hate to think that todays are plural.

  8. @artpredator. Ugh, a typo. I have corrected it.

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