Tip #38: Presumptive NDA

If you send an unsolicited email with an embargoed press release in it, we consider that fair game to cover immediately. Get your NDAs agreed to before you send them.

This concludes NDA Week on Pro PR Tips. We will return to regular programming Monday.


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8 responses to “Tip #38: Presumptive NDA

  1. If you break an embargo and there is a clear reason for that embargo, you simply get excluded from any further advance information not only from that source but also from the press release bulk providers who act as a central sorting office for many leading PR firms. So one selfish act precludes you from say several hundred information sources… the choice is yours…

  2. Martha Marsupial

    I am confused. It says ‘pro’ PR tips at the top. But the advice is amateur. And unnecessarily aggressive. Written by a journalist who doesn’t get many exclusives maybe.

  3. JB

    It saddens me to see tips from you that should be thought of as common sense. “Should” being the operative word. I get the use of embargos, I’ve used them several times and appreciate the media that have agreed to them–in writing–before I send any information a reporters way.

  4. Rafe – C’mon. Is this to be a hard-ass or what? Some one takes the chance you might be interested, so you’re not, so you Out them. How sweet of you. Sorry, I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but this is an assured way to develop the rep as a… well, someone to avoid. Surely, we don’t need a signed NDA. What has the world come to? Isn’t there just an acceptable sense of decorum and politeness left in PR or anywhere in business? — jeffrey http://www.radiowalker.com

  5. One problem with sending a presumptive NDA is that if I already have info on the topic, and you send me”embargoed” info, then if I run what I have as news, you “out” me as being an NDA breaker. Which is not fair and leads to a bunch of time-wasting finger-pointing on both sides. There are other side effects to the presumptive NDA, too, none of them good.

    It’s a much better bet to communicate with the writer before you send them the NDA’d info.

    Also, to be clear, I am not a fan of signed NDAs. Don’t really do them anymore, in fact. I honor a lot of handshake deals, though.

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