Tip #37: Line-item NDA

You might be able to tell me when I can write, but you don’t get to tell me what.

Pro PR Tips management hopes you are enjoying NDA Week. We conclude tomorow.


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2 responses to “Tip #37: Line-item NDA

  1. Aly

    Not even if we do the briefing over beers?

  2. This comment is protected by a non-disclosure agreement. To read it, the recipient must agree that the information contained in this comment will not be disseminated before 11:59pm, September 32, 2008. Furthermore, the recipient agrees not to cast this comment or its poster in a bad light.

    The recipient also agrees to protect the information contained in this comment using the same degree of care, but not less than a reasonable degree of care, to prevent the unauthorized use, dissemination or publication of the information as the recipient uses to protect his or her confidential information of a like nature. Reading this agreement and nodding — even imperceptibly — will be taken as agreement to the terms and conditions as outlined above. In fact, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve already agreed to the terms of this NDA.

    … what do you mean you lost interest in reading the actual comment?

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