Tip #39: Always

“Are you on deadline?” No, I’m filing my nails. Of course I’m on deadline. What do you want?


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7 responses to “Tip #39: Always

  1. Sorry, but I believe the vast majority of us think it’s common courtesy to ask if someone has time for a chat. Maybe the phraseology doesn’t appeal to you, but the intent behind it is a good one.

  2. I get asked the question so many times a day that I find it trite and annoying. It assumes all pitches are created equal and all deadlines are the same. Neither is true. Want a real tip? Try this opener:

    “If you have a moment, can I tell you about a new service that does XYZ?”

  3. Aditi Sharma

    I agree with Rachel. I think its a fair question to ask. You don’t want to just start talking and get cut off in between because the person happens to be busy. It’s safer just to open with that question.
    Also, I have been following your tips for awhile and they went from hilarious and helpful to resentful and bitter.

  4. elderheather

    Okay, maybe I’m in a good mood but I find this one dead on hilarious. I mean, at this point in history, this question is ridiculous – especially to a blogger.

    It’s the same reason my cell phone’s outgoing message says, “You know what to do and you know when to do it.”

  5. Aly

    How about this, “when is your deadline?” sometimes you need something immediately, other times you aren’t planning to write about X for a week or more. it helps to know how urgent so I can tell a client to get me X before their next meeting or they can wait until tomorrow. know what I mean?

    BTW, I committed a major NDA faux pas today. Forgot to ask a blogger to embargo, asked the client to do it before they spilled the beans. Of course they didn’t. I had to call after and plead stupid. Thankfully he was very very cool about it.

  6. B

    Are you one of those guys who files your nails?

  7. Does it matter what the PR people think? Have we learned nothing? Rafe is the audience. He’s giving feedback and saying “Don’t do it.”

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