Tip #197: Assistant Executive Superstar. Got it.

This email warmed my heart. Or would have, if I had one.

Hi Rafe,

Hope you are well! I wanted to reach out to introduce myself and let you know of a new client my agency has brought on board which I think will be of interest to you. My name is [musical girl’s name]  and I’m an Account Superstar at [whatever] Agency, based in SF. My official title is Assistant Account Executive, but I strive to be a stellar reference to my close contacts as well as tell my client’s stories as they deserve to be told – and “AAE” just doesn’t serve my goal justice!

Short Pitch… [Sorry, didn’t get this far]

Emphasis mine.

Listen, you adorable young thing, I’m a crusty old jerk who doesn’t give a damn about your hearts and unicorns. Can we just get straight to the business? Thanks.

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2 responses to “Tip #197: Assistant Executive Superstar. Got it.

  1. GetWithThePRo-gram

    Who would send something like this! Ugh Young PRos…..we have to do better.

  2. Sarah Hawley

    Wow. You might be crusty but the bigger concern here is that you are un-Google-able! B/c surely this little superstar would have Google-d you and seen this site (or any of your work work) and known that pitching you with a puppy + rainbow = baby panda pitch was the wrong move. Maybe you should check and get that Google thing fixed stat!

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