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Tip #183: A show of force is not necessary

I dialed into a conference bridge yesterday to interview a startup CEO. The conference call robot told me, “There are five people already in conference.” That’s right: One guy to talk and demo, and four generic PR handlers to listen in.

I felt like a patient in a teaching hospital.

Also, I don’t think the PR people liked it when I told the CEO, “Dude, you’re being overcharged.” But, man, four handlers for one little reporter interview? Come on.

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Tip #182: The more you write, the less I read

If it can be said in five words, might I suggest that using 87 is overkill?

LIVERMORE, CA and SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–(Marketwire – Sep 7, 2011) – Addressing retailers’ desire to leverage the power and performance of the latest mobile devices to drive transaction efficiencies, improve operational visibility and in-store customer engagement, Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, and Global Bay Mobile Technologies, a leading provider of next-generation mobile retail software, have partnered to provide retailers running heritage Epicor® software solutions with an innovative and comprehensive suite of mobile retail applications. (MarketWire)

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Tip #181: Nobody cares about penmanship anymore

Except when you do this.

Here's a tip: Don't have your 6-year-old address envelopes you send press releases in.


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Tip #180: Sounds like one thing, is another

As I’ve said before, it’s not good if a person can’t tell how to spell your company when they hear the name. But it’s a lot worse if it clearly sounds like a thing it isn’t. Example: I just saw the demo for GoSteals. At the very least, the CEO should also have bought GhostDeals, which is what I thought the company was called until the slide came up.

Be clear in all things.


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Tip #179: I wish I did, but I didn’t

No, I did not hang up on you. I’m on an iPhone and you called my Google Voice number. What did you expect?

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Tip #178: Fool me once

This one pains me.

When you say you’re going to do something, like send a review unit, do it.

If you forget you said you were going to send a unit, and you pitch me again a month later, and I remind you of our conversation, and you say, sorry, I’ll really send it this time, then really send it.

If, a month after that, having neither sent the product nor checked in, you pitch me again as if we’ve never spoken, you do not get to say, when I remind you of our first and second conversations, “I requested a sample and am sorry to hear it did not arrive.”

There is no recovery from this.

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Tip #177: When they say, “viral marketing,” this is not what they mean

A new classic from the Dept. of Emails We Never Finished Reading:

Did you know that touchscreen devices actually hold just as much germs as a toilet seat handle in a men’s restroom?!


Good to know. Actually, not really.

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Tip #176: There’s only one of me

Get a grip on your email autoblaster, please.


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