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Tip #118: Three degress of lame

viewmasterHey, guess what? Boring Powerpoints are just as dull when shown in a 3D View-Master as they are when displayed on a laptop.

Bonus points for getting my attention due to the creative delivery method, but 1o seconds after flipping through the slides, I forgot what the pitch was for.

Lesson: If you’re going to ship a presentation in a clever package, the message should fit the medium. See also: Tip #18: Comical PR.


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Tip #117: The bad rep

It’s sad when a PR person makes me want to cover a company less. But it’s not my job to tell company execs when they’re getting screwed by their reps. Advice to CEOs and internal marketing people: Don’t cede your media relationships to your contractors.


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Tip #116: Coward

Don’t like what I wrote about your company? Tell me. Like most journalists, I enjoy a good argument, and our discussion might make for a nice followup story or an expansion in the original post. Twittering that I am a moron is a) news to no one, and b) unlikely to further your cause.


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Tip #115: A time to pitch

Unless you’re Steve Jobs, don’t call to pitch me me in the middle of an Apple keynote. (Or Google, or Microsoft… you get the picture.)

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