Tip #56: Decoder ring

You say: “Google’s entry into this space validates our market.” You mean: “We’re screwed.”


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6 responses to “Tip #56: Decoder ring

  1. Thanks. I needed that laugh this morning! :-)

  2. Rafe, I agree with you most of the times, but if what you imply here is that no startup can prosper wherever Google is in, we, as in the whole industry, are indeed all screwed.

  3. P.K., It’s when the conversation stops with the validation comment that the speaker might as well say “We’re screwed.” The challenge at that point is to explain how the product will compete on features, sales, market share, focus, etc. Startups can compete when Google enters their market, but they need to set up their “Google strategy” before it happens, not after.

  4. Rafe, agree on your comments to P.K., but I betcha half of those “strategies” will simply be “how do we sell ourselves to Google.”

  5. @rafe Agree.

    @dslunceford That particular Google-strategy sounds like an even bigger screw-up to me than merely saying that it’s a market validation!

  6. @dslunceford

    “how do we sell ourselves to Yahoo before Google eats our lunch”

    There fixed that for you.

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