Tip #55: Flair

A sure way to get your email noticed: Use colored backgrounds, fancy fonts, and complex templates. Journalists love that.


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9 responses to “Tip #55: Flair

  1. Holly

    You forgot blinking animated GIFs. I’m embarrassed to say we used those once. (Not MY choice.)

  2. Thanks Rafe, I’d recommend glitter text. You just can’t take your eyes off it.

  3. Don’t forget that nifty snowflakes. Winter is coming!

  4. Can I add a 5MB attachment as well!

  5. Can I add a 5MB attachment as well?

  6. Bradd

    Rafe you also forgot about the tag…always works…

  7. Tiko

    Hehe nice one, just don’t be surprised when many will take you seriously.
    Actually it’s all good, you can eliminate all the idiotic pitches just by looking at them.
    Good work btw, keep it up

  8. I’ve taken to handwriting my press releases, copying them on a mimeograph machine and sealing them in Ziploc bags before the smell goes away.

    Wonder why nobody picks them up?

  9. Jennifer N

    Please only add the 5MB attachment if it is solely your signature… or the line under/above your signature. That’s probably best, oh – make sure it blinks.

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