Tip #185: I can handle the truth

"As seen in" element on a marketing site. Just graphics, no links. Big mistake.

If, on the marketing site you want me to see, you have “As seen in…” graphics pointing to other coverage you’ve gotten, make sure you link to the coverage you seem to be so proud of. Otherwise, for all I know, the coverage was glancing, negative, or perhaps nonexistent.

But also keep in mind: Tip #49: How not to pitch.

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One response to “Tip #185: I can handle the truth

  1. Mickey Blue Eyes

    I concur. Without any links to what was said or written, for all I know they were saying what a horrible company/product/CEO it is. Or while Brand X is fine, Brand Y is better. Or it could have been a filler piece where they simply read or print the press release.

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