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Tip #189: Zoom in and enhance

A smartphone is an intensely personal device. It’s hard to share one. So when giving a demo of mobile software, especially to a writer with trifocals (ahem), use a tablet instead.

This works especially well for iPhone apps. They’re actually readable from more than three inches away when run in 2x or “compatibility” mode on an iPad. If you really want your small app to shine on the bigger iPad screen, install RetinaPad (via Cydia). But it’s not completely necessary.

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Tip #188: What did I just say about focus?

Today I was doing the usual back-and-forth with a PR rep, trying to set up an interview with a CEO. I just got this email:

I heard from [[CEO]] that he is free any time after 12 noon on Friday. He probably will be driving from Boston to NYC, so if you will let me know a time, I’ll have him call you on his cell.

It’s bad enough trying to do an interview over a mobile phone, but doing one when the subject is trying to drive a car is

Sorry, I lost you there. Ha ha, AT&T, right? I should move to Verizon. Just a second… lost you again. Ok, I’m back. Where were we? Oh, right.


And dangerous. No, thanks.

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