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Tip #149: The beat goes on

Many journalists change their “beats,” or topic areas, frequently. It’s more frequent now than ever, with newsrooms shrinking. Editors have to constantly shuffle staff around.

So when you’re pitching, do one last check to make sure the person to whom you’re pitching is still covering your category. You certainly do not score points when you pitch a writer in a topic area they last covered “three beats ago.”

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Tip #13 reminder: Don’t let your toddler name your company

As a friendly reminder, I point my readers towards Pro PR Tip #13, Don’t drink and brand. Today’s Bad Company Name award goes to… well, I’ll let you read the email.

Goober Networks, a leading Unified Communications (UC) solution provider, plans to announce the next version of its UC solution on Tuesday, May 11…

Seriously, people. You’re not make making novelty candy products here. Grow up.

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Tip #148: Your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me

Don’t try to get me to agree with you about how awesome you think your product is during a meeting about new features. (Courtesy of Josh)

It’s OK to be excited about your product. Even passionate. But the writer needs time to form his own opinion. Forcing the issue is likely to have the opposite effect of the one desired.

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