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Tip #147: Who are you doing PR for, exactly?

Your job, when sending an e-mail pitch to a journalist, is to promote your client. So if you must put silly award logos in your e-mail sig, they should be your client’s, not yours.

You don't need no stinking badges.

See also tips #32 and #103


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Tip #146: Learn to apologize

There will be a mistake. A bad one. Customers will be inconvenienced, damaged, frightened, perturbed, and angry.

Say you’re sorry. Then say what happened. Then say you’re sorry again. Save the soul-searching “This has been a bad day,” stuff for your spouse — because it’s been a worse day for many of your customers.

Do not try to publicly minimize the inconvenience your company’s foul-up has caused its customers. You don’t know what it’s like for them. Also, blogs will skewer you.

Over-apologize, over-compensate, over-fix. Do you want to be Toyota?

Check out these apologies.  Both help a bit, but they have flaws that could easily have been avoided. Can you see them?

A long day at McAfee

Blippy And Credit Card Numbers


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Tip #145: Familiars

Before you send me an email asking, “Are you familiar with…” the CEO you’re representing, and definitely before you tell me how smart he is as if I’ve never heard of him, you might want to make sure that I haven’t recently produced and published an in-depth face-to-face video interview with him.

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Tip#144: Prune your lists

This was sent to one our reporters here. Here being CNET News, a technology news site. Emphasis to make sure we’re clear about that. We are? Good.

I wanted to get you to Save the Date of April 30. Norelco is holding an body grooming event with Carmen Electra that day. Location and other details forthcoming…

Bad email list management is one of the quickest routes to a reporter’s spam filter. Shave your lists, please.


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