Tip #142: Not your type

Trying to convince me that your company name (which is not an acronym) must be written in all caps just because you say so is bad enough. You most certainly do not get to specify that some letters in it are to be in bold while others are in regular font.


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4 responses to “Tip #142: Not your type

  1. Yeah, but isn’t that part of your job description: “pay attention to details” ? (assuming that the company name is established to be written in that way already)
    We’re ALL (pr or journalist) supposed to be in this big family of “we know the difference between your/you’re”…
    I hate when there’s a lack of attention to detail. It’s your job as a reporter to “get it right.”

    • however, if they just want it in all caps…well, then they’re a d-bag.

    • We’ve got to draw the line somewhere. There are names, and then there are miniature advertising campaigns embedded in names, designed to hang up the reader and make him stop in his tracks. The former, names, is what journalists refer to. The latter just pisses us off. Want to advertise? Buy an ad. Want to be mentioned in our stories? Accept that we use standard typography, punctuation, and capitalization rules.

  2. sarah hawley

    oh, holy hell. this made me laugh. i’m with you, rafe. how about being happy that the company was covered and (hopefully) linked to rather than pissed that standard type was used.

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