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Tip #143: The UI doesn’t match the drapes

If you bring a fancy new smartphone to a press event to show it off, be prepared to let us film it. Even if, as you say, “The ballroom doesn’t match the company aesthetic.”

Or come up with a better excuse.

Thanks, Kent.

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Tip #142: Not your type

Trying to convince me that your company name (which is not an acronym) must be written in all caps just because you say so is bad enough. You most certainly do not get to specify that some letters in it are to be in bold while others are in regular font.


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Tip #141: Get a room

Yes, Mr. startup CEO, your girlfriend is hot. But try to keep your hands off her when you’re pitching me at a conference reception.

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Tip #140: Don’t paint your stealth fighter orange

If you tell me your company is in “stealth mode,” it should take more than ten seconds with Google to find out everything about it.

I’m looking at you, Demo presenters.

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