Tip #136: A blessing in disguise

When you pitch me and I say, “No,” I’m doing you a favor. It means you can move on with your life. If I say, “Maybe,” you’ve got one more thing to manage. And most maybes become nos anyway.


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4 responses to “Tip #136: A blessing in disguise

  1. D. Barnaby

    Good tips and straight forward approach. I appreciate it! pls post more :) Thank you

  2. So true! It’s much better to get a straight ‘No’ then to be left hanging. Also appreciated is a quick tip on why the pitch was no good. Although I realise that journalists don’t have the time to respond to every bad pitch.

  3. Even better than a No is a No because… saves everyone a lot of time in the long run.

  4. Great Tip! Its a good rule, as it means you can invest your time in things that are mire likely to produce a positive end result.

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