Tip #51: Ruthless

Don’t take clients you don’t believe in.

(From Chris Heuer. Social Media Club)


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5 responses to “Tip #51: Ruthless

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Not only does it make the job harder and unsatisfying, if your client can’t sell the idea to you, how will you sell it to the media and customers?

  2. This really hit me when we were developing our business plans for The Conversation Group. If you have to be an individual spokesperson for your clients in Social Media as much as a representative of the firm, you have to really believe in them.

    I go a step further even, and would say don’t take clients you don’t LOVE. Sometimes, a financial reality sets in when things are rough and you may have to compromise a little bit, but in that instance I would say you still need to like the company, the product, the vision and/or the people behind it in order to be truly effective…

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  4. Mary Ann Buggs

    kind of like marriage…

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