Tip #47: E

You wouldn’t drive to a job interview on an empty tank of gas, would you? Charge your laptop.


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3 responses to “Tip #47: E

  1. Aly

    I’m going to start pitching you as “Rage.” I’m sorry but that’s a way cool name.

  2. Michelle

    I like this tip AND spell check always wants to change my daughters name to “Demon” from Devon-which sadly is appropriate. :)

  3. Great advice, to which I’d add:
    – Bring your charger/spare charged battery
    – Bring a vga/dvi display cable/adapter
    – Bring your partner’s laptop, et. al.
    – Bring your presentation/app on a flash drive
    – Bring printouts of your presentation for when all equipment fails
    – Always be prepared to present with no props at all, just a clear idea of why your company will succeed

    Demonstrating that you’ve thought ahead, prepared for the worst, and are still able to deliver–no matter what–can say as much about you as your pitch. Plus you’ll be more relaxed and focused on what’s important, rather than worrying about your tech.

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