Tip #43: Don’t thank me

When you thank me for a good review, I get suspicious. I think I must have missed something and let you off too easy.


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9 responses to “Tip #43: Don’t thank me

  1. JB

    Do you prefer a “nice meeting you and thank you for your time,” instead?

  2. Nicole

    Intersting. Seems like a lot of journalists differ here, some like follow up praising the coverage – if its honest of course.

    It’s got to be better than “Great article, BUT, you missed (insert corporate messaging here). Could you update it?”

  3. What about a simple “thank you for writing about us?” Seems like that’s common courtesy.

  4. B

    Seriously? What if the CEO was like “Damn, this is a great article! Oh, you didn’t pay off this person, did you?”

    All jokes aside, that’s interesting. You know, you never can tell with people. Perhaps you are jaded?

  5. Riss

    I think this is one of those damned if you aren’t situations. I’ve gotten blasted by reporters for NOT sending a thank you.

    My thank you isn’t really to thank them for writing the story, but really just a common courtesy when you work with someone. I send thank you notes to vendors as well, even though I am paying them.

  6. I cannot imagine a Thank You EVER being bad form.

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  8. MK

    Rafe, why not divide/file/categorize your tips into two distinct sections: one for your personal preferences, and the other for general industry tips.

    Obviously you have a unique and frank point of view, and I think there are two types of PR people visiting your site. The first is people looking for tips on how to pitch you, the other is people looking for industry insight. I’d file this tip into the former.

    There’s simply nothing wrong with closing the loop with a reporter after an article appears. “Thanks for the great article” can be pretty lame, but if the “thank you” is involved in a note that is follow-up with the reporter, then I see nothing wrong with being polite.

  9. K Lee

    I thank reporters when they take a very complicated issue, pare it down for consumption in an accurate and concise manner that is non biased. I don’t care if my agency is taking lumps in the article or not. I’ll thank a reporter for doing justice to the issue every time.

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