Tip #35: Damage control

Someone busted your NDA? Call me ASAP or never talk to me again.

NDA Week at Pro PR Tips continues tomorrow…


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5 responses to “Tip #35: Damage control

  1. Scottish

    Rafe, I’m not sure I get the implied information in this tip. Are you the “someone”?

    If the “someone” is another reporter, then the PR person should should call you to let you know it’s okay to also let your information out? And if they don’t do this, you don’t want to speak with them in the future?

    Sorry if I’m being thick, but it’s not clear to me.

  2. Seems reasonable as long as you’ve been in the loop (briefed/sent preview of release) and were planning to publish something.

    Wait a second – Never?

  3. Jeffrey

    Never is a very long time.

  4. Lori Nelson

    I like these tips. Have noticed that they are taking a sort of gnomic, direct from the sphinx quality. They require parsing and further clarification.

  5. Seems like he’s saying that if the embargo is broken, the company has to very quickly notify every other journalist so they aren’t cut out of the news cycle. Taking no action will indirectly burn them.

    That seems a bit much, though, for a journalist to hold a permanent grudge against a company because some other rat screwed the company.

    However, that’s the game of embargoes that you the company are entering into willingly. You take the very high risk the information will be leaked early, and so you *have* to be prepared as a company to clean up the mess quickly. It’s no surprise there is little sympathy from other journalists you locked out of the embargo.

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