Tip #23 (bonus): Cowboy up

If you’re a CEO and you see a journalist sitting alone, waiting for a contact to show up who’s obviously running late, don’t be a wuss. Sit down and make your company the story.


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4 responses to “Tip #23 (bonus): Cowboy up

  1. You mean you don’t bite? :-)

  2. J. Harry Covair

    Sitting alone there, did you have a camera crew with you? How exactly does one identify a journalist sitting alone as distinct from anyone else sitting alone?

  3. Plumage.

    At most conference, the press have nametags with giant red “PRESS” flags on them. I call them, “Bother me badges.”

    Plus, I was in the Press Meeting Room. Looking around forlornly, taking notes in my reporter’s notebook.

  4. Basic part of being an interesting human being too. Insular people are boring

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