Tip #199: What kind of circus is this?

I don’t usually write Pro PR Tips about stories that carry my own byline, but man, I had to hold my nose when I pasted this bit into today’s story about the Yahoo/Facebook patent battle resolution. From the official press release:

Going forward, Yahoo! and Facebook have agreed to work more closely and collaborate together on multiple tent-pole and anchor events annually over the next several years to provide unparalleled experiences for consumers and world-class sponsorship opportunities for advertisers.

As usual, emphasis mine.

Am I supposed to know the difference between a tent-pole event and an anchor event? Can one event have both tent-poles and anchors? That would seem to me to be the safest. And what if there’s neither? Is that like doing something outside in the open air?

I just don’t know how to dress for these things, assuming I get invited. And can I bring a guest? Someone help a guy out.


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5 responses to “Tip #199: What kind of circus is this?

  1. My guess is you could wear a clown suit with a sailor hat and you’d fit right in.

  2. You’re reading the sentence wrong. Should be “tent-pole-and-anchor events” in which Facebook is the tent pole and Yahoo! is the anchor weighing it down.

  3. Look it up on your Google Glasses. They sent you a pair, right?

  4. You can bring a guest, but it must be a parrot or a bearded lady, or so I’ve heard.

  5. When in doubt, go with the white linen suit and Panama hat. Sure, you’ll stand out a bit, but you’ll look great doing it.

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