Tip #153: No dead rodents, please

At least it has a hair net on it already.

If you’re going to send marketing swag, it would be good to send something that doesn’t make the receiver recoil in horror and fling the swag across the room in disgust.

I refer to the mullet wig I recently got from a type foundry. Before I remembered that the company had previously sent me an empty Styrofoam head form to put the wig on, I honestly thought it was a furry creature that had expired in transit.

See also: Tip #54: Protection


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3 responses to “Tip #153: No dead rodents, please

  1. Ikcor

    Dead rodents are preferable mullets in some circles.

  2. Joanna Riedl

    I am tardy to the Pro PR Tips party so you will probably receive an influx of comments as I am loving your commentary on our indusrty, it makes me quiver myself at times. Did this really happen? Did you really receive that fake skinned rat as a promo piece? Oy.

  3. Aurélien

    Hahaha I didn’t know they REALLY did that.

    That’s Extensis I think. They wanted to get people to take photos of themselves with it.

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