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Tip #127: Circle jerks

For some reason I don’t quite get, there’s nothing that gets under the skin of journalists more than an email pitch that’s cc’d to a lot of people at once. Do this and you will get killed on the cc list itself as writers whine and complain via “reply to all” about your email etiquette transgression, and to make things worse you might also get killed in the press itself: See TechCrunch and ZDNet .

Instead, use bcc. Better yet: Use a mail-merge app that sends individual emails. Best option: Don’t blast a ton of people with the same crap. Pick and choose your media targets, and write personal notes to them.

And a side note to my compatriots in the media: Chill. If you get one of these bonehead PR spams — and we all do — just delete it. Nothing good ever comes from a vitriolic reply to all, and if you think you’re doing the world a favor by replying to all with the high-minded advice that everyone stop replying, you are fooling no one.


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