Tip #89: Subject matters

Unless you want it to be all I read, make sure your email subject line gets your point across. 

Bonus tip: pay attention to the “from” line too.  You can do better than, “Relations, Public.”

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One response to “Tip #89: Subject matters

  1. JB

    Great point Rafe, but like copy editors, it takes time to get really good at making appropriate subject lines.

    I don’t work for Marketing Sherpa, but the had an interesting take on subject lines that they learned from their newsletter.

    If you don’t like links in the comments section, the article is at their site titled: “4 Takeaways from MarketingSherpa’s Newsletter Subject-Line Analysis”

    Otherwise, it’s here: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30938&pop=no#

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