Tip #14: Not BFFs

Dear PR person,

We didn’t “work together” back in 1999. You pitched me. It was beautiful, but don’t make it more than it is.


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7 responses to “Tip #14: Not BFFs

  1. Haha! I’ve wondered about that since I moved to Silicon Valley from Amsterdam in 2005 (transfered with Edelman). I thought it was a cultural difference between the US and Europe… Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. Rachel

    This is now the first site I look at each morning. A hilarious way to start the day.

  3. It’s difference between we dated and we had a one-nighter. “We worked together…” never really WORKS…

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  5. Oops, I must now eliminate this one from my vocabulary

  6. Riss

    Ha! I did this to you once. What, I admit it.

  7. That’s so funny… Not BFF’s indeed…

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