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Tip #166: I don’t do quickies

There’s no way to get a good, rich, nuanced story from a rushed interview, so an invitation to just “drop by for five minutes to chat,” really doesn’t play.

See, the idea of good reporting is to have more information on the story topic than you need to write it up, and to cherry-pick from all that knowledge things to put into the story. Sometimes people write articles with less information than they need to paint a complete picture. It shows.


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Tip #165: Pros, stay home on amateur day

It’s April Fools’ day, otherwise known as the worst day to be a tech journalist. Every other pitch is a lame attempt at humor. Maybe one out of 50 is halfway funny. I don’t want to complain too much, though. It’s like open-mic night at the comedy club. We all know what we’re in for today.

The problem is that the real pitches are blended in with the fake ones, and sometimes it’s sadly hard to tell the difference. Especially when non-joke pitches have April-Foolish headlines like “This is no joke…”

Look, we’re just confused. If you have a real pitch, have a heart, save it for the next day. Thanks.

Oh, but then there’s this: A joke that should be real. (See TV industry turns blind eye to non-3D viewers.)

Read more: CNET’s directory of foolishness, 2011.

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