Tip #1: Psych!

If you ask me what’s a good time to call, I will tell you a time when I know I am not available.


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7 responses to “Tip #1: Psych!

  1. Hello, world. (Testing comments)

  2. 2-13, great tips
    #1, cruel. just plain cruel.

  3. Ok, in my biz, I do this all the time – it gives me a chance to re-group after listening to your message and get back to you when I want to, not on your schedule. It’s a psychological way of putting myself in control of the situation by choosing when and where and how to answer your questions. This is brilliant – and, it works!


  4. Michelle Andersen

    Maybe somewhat cruel on MY part, but I don’t bother asking that, nor “are you on deadline” because the answer is always yes. I just absolutely hate having to call in the first place, knowing I have something pretty relevant, but that it went straight to the spam box.

  5. Good one, Michelle, that will be a tip soon.

  6. I’ll accept “never,” but maybe you just should’ve let the phone ring to VM?

  7. tomleyden

    Both fun to read and interesting …
    Mind if I do something similar for the advertising sales reps?

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